If you’ve clicked on this page, you probably are looking for the answer to a specific question you have.  Hopefully, I have an answer.

Post Policy

Posts are written by me, Jacob Dicken, and categorized in two ways: once by time period (prehistoric, ancient, medieval, colonial age, and modern) and once by geographical region (Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, and Oceania).  Pictures are largely taken from online stock sources, though some are contributed by friends of the author.  There is no real pattern to when things will be posted as I have a busy schedule and can’t always get to writing.  Topics are chosen based on my interests but are often focused on things that I feel like the average reader might find interesting but that they might not necessarily know much about.

Comment Policy

This is the part that I feel there might be the most questions about.

Most comments left on this site are not displayed and the reason for that is just that I get an incredible amount of spam.  I get advertisements of various blog plug-ins, links to suspicious things, and other strange things.  Here’s the deal: if you aren’t adding to the discussion, your comments aren’t worth being displayed.  Questions and answers are great and I’m very pleased to get them.  Comments are nice but please make sure they have value.  For some reason, a lot of people on the Internet can’t handle a sentence structure.  If your comment is so terribly written that it is difficult to read and shows no intelligent thought, it will be discarded and ignored.  Don’t worry if you forget a comma or something.  I’m forgiving.  Just make sure to engage me.  If you just say, however, “u hve nice blog i will check later cuz i like aztecs now plz look at my porn site,” then your eyesore of a comment will be thrown away and shame will fall upon your family for eternity.  Nah, not that extreme, but you get the idea.