History is cool.  Most people fail to realize this because they associate the discipline with lame lectures by tedious teachers focusing only on areas uninteresting to them.  History would be fun if it was done differently.  It should be told analytically but enthusiastically, with attention to places of interest but a view of the big picture contained within.

The goal of this site is to make history fun for a certain breed of us–the geek.  Geeks are the greatest of people, because they are unafraid to go against social norms to intensely experience the subjects of their interests, be it Star WarsThe Lord of the RingsMinecraft, biology, calculus, or even history.  See, it is the ability of the geek to become intensely interested and focused that allows him or her to learn and become brilliant.  If the geek takes interest in a subject, he or she is bound to become an expert.  This site is the diving board from which the geek may delve into history, the greatest of subjects and the greatest story ever told.  I cannot promise you that reading this site will make you an expert on anything, but it will give you interesting factoids from which you can look for further research.

Most of the articles here are merely short discourses on topics of my particular interest.  These tend to be about history or prehistory, but may include a variety of related subject matter.  Some merely cover a topic of interest while others ask a major question.  I do not pick my topics by the traditional manner of presumed importance, but rather based on their peculiarity, their thought-provoking nature, or their sheer excitement.